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Bandonégro sont des musiciens présentant le tango dans un nouvel opus. L'album combine un genre avec des éléments de jazz ou de rock. Les musiciens se produisent dans les plus grands festivals de tango en Europe. Cette année au Festival de Tango Tarbes, au Festival de Tango de Colmar, au Festival de Tango d'Albi et au Festival de Tango de Menton en France.

Their tango is a revolution


Fresh, energetic, passionate, revolutionary and imaginative –these words perfectly describe a new album “Hola Astor”, launched by SJ Records on 29th June 2019.

“Hola Astor” is a real revolution in this genre. A fresh idea, an innovative style and a new musical language. The first original album of the Polish quartet Bandonegro (bandoneon, violin, piano, double bass) is a fusion of jazz and rock. The band has asked two leading Polish jazz musicians to join them: Dawid Kostka (electric guitar) and Mateusz Brzostowski (drums/percussion), who have added a unique flair to the pieces. The album contains new versions of Astor Piazzola’s pieces from the 1970s and Bandornegro’s own compositions.


Energetic Zita, Escolaso, lyrical Romance del Diablo or jazz-rock Bicicletta and Vislumbrar are pieces that carry the listeners away from the very first note.


  • “Hola Astor” is actually a meeting with the master of the genre. Piazzola has inspired us since high school, not only as a composer, but also as a revolutionary in the world of tango. We’ve decided to refresh some pieces which did not gain so much popularity in the 1970s due to their innovative character, but they do deserve to be appreciated. My compositions are a fusion of tango, jazz and rock entwined in my own emotions, imagination and ideas, emphasises Marcin Antkowiak, double bassist and composer.



  • The album contains Piazzola’s oldschool pieces from the 1970s, which have gained an original sound owing to their new arrangement. Moreover, we are presenting our own pieces for the first time. We are supported in all of them by jazz musicians, who have made our pieces wonderfully fresh and energetic, says Marek Dolecki, the pianist.


  • The young musicians prepared a perfect set, including their own pieces, and gave it their own interesting and creative features. This is not just playing tango anymore, “replaying Astor” or looking for sophisticated musical associations. The pieces are served perfectly, emotionally and imaginatively [...] This is a new outlook on the tradition of the musical tango that provides an in-depth analysis of what actually is its energy, dance or rhythm, and what is its beauty and excitement, underlines Dionizy Piątkowski, journalist and music critic, organiser of Era Jazzu.


The tour promoting the new album starts in the autumn. The musicians will visit the biggest Polish cities:


    • 3.10.2019 – Warszawa, Klub Stodoła
    • 21.10.2019 – Wrocław, Centrum Sztuki Impart
    • 25.10.2019 - Poznań, Aula Artis


The album is available on, in good music stores and on Spotify.







About Bandonegro:


Bandonegro is a tango band which has won the hearts of listeners all over the world with their new outlook on tango. These Poznań musicians connect tradition and modernity. Their unique musical ideas, passion and perfect sense of style has led to their success - they perform on the greatest festivals worldwide and play more than 70 concerts a year.


The band is actively present in the Polish music world with their perfect blend of tango, jazz and rock. They have performed with Edyta Górniak, Mieczysław Szcześniak, Andrzej Piaseczny and Maryla Rodowicz. In May 2016, they took part in their biggest tour of Poland “Atmasfera Tour”, which took them to 16 main cities in the country.


At the beginning of 2019, they travelled to Argentina, where they were giving concerts for 5 weeks, playing in the most famous tango clubs. They also performed during the prestigious Argentina Tango Salon. They were the only Polish musicians to perform for the legendary violinist Fernando Suarez Paz, who had been a long-year member of Astor Piazolla’s band.








Jakub Czechowicz

Pr Manager at Bandonegro/Sj Records

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